Hands-On Educations

Mythic Bridge has developed unique, high quality experiential programming for youth ages 13-24. Our core programming is a combination of weekend filmmaking and editing workshops, an 8-week summer program and shorter intensive workshops on specific technical aspects of filmmaking. Each weekend or 8 week workshop culminates in a public screening event for the participants to share their films with family, friends and our extended community.

We are committed to the individual and work to tailor our program to each participant’s needs. Additionally, we provide training in basic communication skills from emails to in-person interviews and guidance on personal presentation to give our youth the elements to succeed. As youth cycle through our program, they continue to enrich our environment by becoming peer and junior mentors and eventually lead mentors. Through our extended network they will have the opportunity for real world production experience, which enhances their knowledge, boosts their confidence and provides inspiration for the youth that is just starting out. This cyclical measure creates continued engagement that benefits both the participants and the greater Mythic Bridge community.